Swivel Tutorials

Understanding that there is always a learning period when using a new app. Team Swivel has developed this library of helpful videos so that you can feel like an expert in no time!

My Radius

See how easy it is to set a specific radius around your mobile location with the Standard and Premium plans.

My Addresses

Learn how to add your “addresses-of-interest”, with the Standard and Premium plans.

Push Notifications

Here’s how to apply personal filters so you only get notified about what you want to know.

Sleep Mode

Learn how to turn on your sleep mode, thereby turning off your push notifications.  You will still receive the notifications on your list and your map, but your smartphone won’t receive push notifications – including the unique sound and vibration.

Incident Information

See how easy it is to get the most information possible on each incident that occurs. 

Communities & Authorities

Municipal, County, State & Provincial leadership and authorities are reviewing their current methodology to work more in sync with the community they serve. You are encouraged to contact the Public Safety Council, using your official email address to request additional information.

Leave us a Feedback

We genuinely care about your user experience. Please provide us with your comments and feedback so we can continue to improve Swivel and your safety.

Contact Us

Input your work related email address and indicate what you are interested in.

Leadership of communities or regions and authorities must use their official email address when contacting us.