Get notified about local emergencies

 Swivel notifies you of localized “need-to-know” emergencies nearby. It is designed to put your safety first and to help keep you out-of-harm’s-way.

Swivel – conceived from the idea of keeping one’s head on a swivel – to remain aware of one’s surroundings and to be looking in all directions.

Unmodified Alerts

Swivel is a public safety app that delivers unmodified alerts from Police, Sheriff and Fire Rescue in real time, or near-real time, right to your phone.

Empowered with these public safety notifications, you can decide how to best adapt to ensure your safety.

All notifications from participating authorities, within a pre-defined radius, will appear on the user’s map and in the list section of Swivel.

Select notifications will also be pushed to the user.  Push notifications are indicated by a Morse code sound and vibration.

Swivel users can customize three key features, so they only receive alerts by;  

  • adjusting their notification radius, so they only receive alerts nearby,
  • selecting incident categories to receive push notifications, so they only get localized emergency alerts by sound and vibration, that concern them,
  • adding up to 10 addresses of interest that don’t have to be in the same jurisdiction. Users can also customize their safety alert radius for each address of interest.

No other app does this!

Users can customize the app’s preferences to:

Adjust Your Radius​

Change the emergency notification radius for their smartphone and for each of their addresses of interest​.

Push Notifications

Select additional incident categories to receive push notifications that are indicated by Morse code sound and vibration.

Places of Interest​

Add addresses of interest such as: home, workplace, daycare, schools, colleges, universities, family, friends, cottage, recreational facilities, places of worship and other places of interest.

App subscribers select one of the three subscription plans below.




App subscribers select one of the three subscription plans below.




Trusted and independent - a private initiative.


Life is mobile. We move between communities to work, shop and play.  It only makes sense to have one app that works in all communities. 

Privacy & Civil Liberties

Privacy & Civil Liberties rights are enshrined in the application. Swivel is neither a government nor police organization. It is a private initiative. It does not share any user data. Period!

Cyber Security

Secure servers are used with Swivel. These servers are fortified using multi-layered defenses and next-generation firewalls, that are updated in real time as new malicious signatures are identified.


Community Organizations

Swivel recognizes the underpinning contribution and significance of the following community organizations:

Community Organizations

Swivel recognizes the underpinning contribution and significance of the following community organizations:

View Swivel Tutorials

Understanding that there is always a learning period when using a new app. Team Swivel has developed this library of helpful videos so that you can feel like an expert in no time!

Frequently Asked Questions

Swivel works with all participating communities and authorities so it becomes more valuable to you as more communities and authorities activate the app.

If Swivel is not yet activated in your community, you should still download the app so that when you travel to communities that are activated, you will automatically receive notifications based on the parameters you have selected in your settings.

When your specific community and authorities activates the app, you will automatically get their notifications.

A list of all active Swivel safety smart communities is posted below.

Users can input 10 additional addresses of interest to receive local emergency alerts.

No. Swivel will be operational in most jurisdictions in the USA and Canada within 2 years.

Local emergency notifications are issued based on your location, address of interest, and notification radius. To receive more notifications, consider increasing your notification radius.

Emergency vehicles may be responding to a call that isn’t in your radius of notification. Another possibility is that the authority cannot disclose the incident that they are responding to because of their mandated privacy policy.

Activating the Swivel public safety app within a community and with an authority is nominal, so there is no reason for any community or authority not to participate.

The authority has the ability to transmit a localized emergency notification to all Swivel app users in their jurisdiction, when the situation warrants it – regardless of your personal settings. This is for your safety.

Notifications remain on the map and list for 12 hours, after which they are automatically deleted. 

An enterprise desktop version is being released in 2024. Interested organizations should add their business email address, on the contact us form, to be auto-notified once released.

A media version of the app is being released for accredited journalist in 2024. Accredited journalist should add their email address, on the contact us form, to be auto-notified once released.

Safety Smart Communities

A Safety Smart Community or region leverages the smart use of technologies to benefit its residents, commuters, businesses and service organization for better public safety. 


Swivel is currently active in the following communities:  


Toronto, Ontario


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